If your family is anything like ours we love the convenience of shopping online with places like Amazon, and one of our goals with the new GMEPTA.COM is that we would have the ability to collect payments for events and merchandise online.

Well……we are excited to announce we are at least part of the way there. You can purchase your Spring Carnival Wristbands at GMEPTA.COM/CARNIVAL. You should receive a flyer for the Carnival Wristbands in backpacks tomorrow. It doesn’t mention the online payment, because we literally JUST got the kinks worked out.

PLEASE keep in mind that this is ONLY an alternative. You can use EITHER the online order OR the flyer.

There is a catch though……there is a 50 cent “convenience charge” due to the fees incurred from Paypal. So, wristbands purchased online will be $8.50/child. We are testing online payment this time, which is why we wanted to offer it as an ALTERNATIVE. You can still send in money with your kids and use the bottom portion of the flyer.

A couple of notes about the online purchase of wristbands. There is a section called “spaces”….this is where you put the number of wristbands you will need. Also, be sure you fill in the other fields so we know which classroom to send the wristband.